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Keeping With The Times

Websites, like computers, need maintenance. As the industry evolves and standards change, a website must be updated to support new browsers and new devices. Visitors to your website expect convenience and easy access to the features on your site using the newest technology.

Even a small change in search engine rules can cause your website to lose its prominence in search engine results. Search engine algorithms are constantly being altered. CitrusTek’s SEO service keeps up with the changes and makes the necessary updates to your website.

CitrusTek offers efficient and reliable website maintenance services to keep your website current:

  • Monitors your website for optimal performance
  • Performs critical updates, such as installing new security patches, immediately and bills them to your account
  • Informs you of optional updates and enhancements and obtains your approval before doing the work
  • Provides expertise and follows solid best practices to keep your website operating smoothly
  • Notifies you when domain names and web hosting contracts are due for renewal
  • Sends confirmations when updates have been made to your site
  • Responds promptly to your emails and questions

Just like a computer, a website slowly accumulates unused files and data, increasing its size. If it is not cleaned up regularly, your site could eventually exceed its storage capacity or experience errors.

Websites are susceptible to viruses, attacks, and hijacking by hackers. To keep your website visitors and their data safe, you must ensure that your site is secure and updated with the latest security patches.


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