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Representing Your Dream Business

Intuitive and Distinctive Website Design

A successful website design combines an attractive visual design with powerful back-end functionality. CitrusTek’s experienced team of website developers and designers knows all the elements that come together to create an effective website to represent you and your business.

Develop Your Site

CitrusTek’s developers create a site plan and functionality to fit your business needs. Your site might be a simple online business card or a complex site where customers can place orders, enter personal information, ask questions, chat with you, watch videos, and download apps.

The developers then build an efficient website, paying special attention to search engine optimization. Our developers have years of experience and know how to create a user-friendly site that moves smoothly from page to page using intuitive navigation.

Some question a developer might ask you:

  • Do you plan to manage the content on your site, update text, or maintain a blog?
  • Do you intend to interact with your customers on the site through email or chat?
  • Will you be gathering information for a customer database?
  • How will visitors navigate through the site?
  • Will you need business features, such as a shopping cart, catalog, or software downloads?
  • How will your site visitors contact you?
  • Do you plan to expand the site in the future?
  • Do you need a special app, such as remote access to sales data?

Define Your Online Presence

Our team begins by identifying your company or individual brand and marketing message. We develop a distinctive design that is both intuitive and informative. Our designers recommend colors, images, and layouts that best convey your message to the public.

A recognizable brand and understandable message mean higher numbers of website visitors converting to customers.

Connect to Your Customers

In today’s interactive world, people expect information to be at their fingertips. We build sites that are search-engine optimized so that your future customers can find you on the internet.

Our sites integrate social media sharing buttons and endorsement links so that visitors can interact and promote the website.

The CitrusTek search engine marketing (SEM) team can help you prepare a marketing plan using paid advertising to boost traffic to your new site and monitor the site’s performance in the search engines.

Maintain Your Site

Websites need ongoing maintenance. Our developers can teach you to maintain your own site, or you can use CitrusTek’s website maintenance services to add content and update your site for new software platforms and changing search engine rules.

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