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Your investment in a top quality website is lost if your site does not appear in the search results. It is becoming more difficult to achieve a high position in the search engines as they increase their numbers of paid listings, and enter into business relationships with directories like Yelp and internet yellow pages.

Search engine rules change almost weekly.

Even a small change can cause your website to drop out of site.

CitrusTek’s SEO team is always up to date with the latest standards and rules for major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as the smaller directories.

Our SEO Services Includes:

  • A complete SEO analysis of your website
  • A study of search terms used by people searching for businesses like yours
  • Changes to metadata, tags, titles and page names to increase visibility
  • Recommendations for adding search terms and making changes to the text on your site
  • Regular monitoring of your website's position in the search engines, search terms used by site visitors who become your customers, and other SEO metrics
  • Reports on search engine traffic to your site
  • Fast updates when changes to search engine rules affect the performance of your website
  • And much more! Call (321) 749-3534 to see if your needs are covered!

Dedicated Marketing Expert

In addition to the above mentioned details we take pride in our ability to serve our client's needs. Upon registering with our services, you will be assigned a dedicated marketing expert who will assist you with on and off-page factors, content writing, marketing strategies, and SEO practices.

You don't have to do this on your own.

The CitrusTek’ SEO team works

on improving traffic to your website, while you work

on improving your business.

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