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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What Is It?

The use of paid advertising on search engines and social media, in conjunction with search engine optimization. It takes time for a website to grow and become established in the top positions of natural search results for a specific keyword. In the meantime, paid advertising displays your website at the top of search engine results and gets visitors to your site right away.

Information gathered from paid marketing can be used to optimize your website for a particular keyword. As your website’s position for that keyword improves in the natural search results, you can allocate your advertising budget to a different keyword and promote traffic growth for another area of your website.

Any website can benefit from SEM

It is most cost-effective for websites selling products or services that bring in a financial return on your investment.
Search Engine Marketing can be used at any time to increase website traffic, but it is most effective when used to:​

  • Increase exposure for a new website.
  • Draw attention to a new product or service on an established website.
  • Promote a sales initiative, such as a new product launch, a rewards program, or a contest.
  • Introduce a website redesign, expansion, upgrade, online feature, or mobile app.

Targeted Advertising

Advertising companies collect data from millions of internet users, including their browsing histories, online reviews, online purchases, ages, geographical locations, interests, preferences, and Facebook “likes”. This information allows advertising providers to identify potential customers for a particular business and deliver targeted ads at the moment when they are looking for something.

Professional SEM from CitrusTek

A successful search engine marketing campaign combines SEO expertise, access to information databases and reporting software, and knowledge of the marketplace and advertising techniques.

CitrusTek highly trained team will help you make the most of your advertising dollars. Our staff:

  • Identifies significant keywords that will attract sales for your business.
  • Creates an SEM plan to achieve targeted growth for your website
  • Sets up your account with Google AdWords, Google Pay Per Click (PPC), and other paid advertising campaigns
  • Implements SEO standards so that your position in natural search results continues to improve
  • Monitors results, make adjustments, and applies new information to SEO for your website
  • Provides regular reports

Becoming first doesn’t have to be difficult

Earning a top rank on Google can be a challenging journey full of back-link building, blog article writing and content production. Even after earning this placement, maintaining first can be just as difficult.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) delivers the instant gratification of being on top with effective advertisement placement and relative pay-per-click keyword campaigns.


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