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Our TEK sets us apart.

Trust - “firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”

What sets CitrusTek apart is our commitment to building trust in every relationship we make. Trust is so important to our team, we put it in our name (see ci-TRUST-ek). Our business was built by the trust we’ve built with our clients and through referrals by those that trust us.

Effectiveness - “successful in producing a desired or intended result”

Where trust is the front door, effectiveness is the inside of the house. Numbers matter in everything we do in business. Whether it be a Timeline, Website Performance, or even a Marketing campaign, we are here to be effective for our clients and to advise them with their uncertainties.

Knowledge - “facts, information, & skills acquired by a person through experience or education”

In an industry that moves as fast as ours, one needs to be constantly improving to avoid being left behind. From Google’s algorithm updates to GDPR compliance, ever changing ADA laws and even technology energy consumption are just some of the scope of what CitrusTek is involved in. Where our knowledge and study in our field is what keeps us up-to-date on these subjects, see below for some of our more traditional certifications.

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Technologies We Use






Don't see your language?

Our experts program in many languages from old to new. As new technologies arise, our passionate team is quick to embrace and adopt a new language.


WordPress? Didn’t I just read that you’re a Full Stack Team?

Our development team isn’t a cookie cutter, drag-and-drop website team. If you’re looking for a fully custom-built web application using a variety of different coding/scripting languages, we can handle that. If your business needs include having a beautifully designed, lightning fast, custom-coded website, we certainly do that too. However, if you’re a small business that just wants to start out on the right foot, you’ll love us.

We recommend WordPress for most of our clients because of its near-endless development possibilities and the ease of use for the end client. WordPress is perhaps the most user-friendly and powerful content management system (CMS) around.

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WordPress CMS

Services We Integrate With







Need a custom integration?

Our team specializes in crafting custom solutions for specific needs. Above are the most common, but we work with many services.


Google Ads Certified


Bing Ads Certified